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Hi I'm new to the community just thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Amy, I'm young and depressed in america. eh, weird beginning, never been in a community and I think I will start it off by posting some poetry. Critisism much appreciated.....

Her opaque skin-pressed against a blade-Her craving for attention-trying not to fade-her matted messy hair-covering her face-her internal fire fading-what a terrible waste-her salty tears burning-into her delicate flesh-Her vaginal cavity growing-she laughs even less-her sunny disposition-starting to fade away-her doing drugs to spite her parents-though she’s the one who’ll pay-her intelligence diminishing-only a remnant of what it was-her ruining her life-even though it’s filled with love-Her sparkle in her eye-Is now just a dot-Her saying that she’s worthless-because she doesn’t know she’s not-her sullen face-no longer able to smile-her tries to be herself-but her attempts remain futile-her cries for help-though her parents seem to not notice-her withering away-soon to not exist.

So tell me what you think!

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