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My First Post in a Long Time

I woke up this morning to someone banging at the piano. I thought what the fuck, and promptly fell back asleep. Again, the piano. The notes were all rubbery. Oh, it's the tuner.


Oh, shit. I was still half asleep, so I did nothing.

A third time, a creepy old man saying, "Well, I don't think I can do anything else."

And Dad, "Well, if you can't do any more...."

"I think I'm just going to have to give up on it. I mean, I've already broken three strings."

My eyes were open.

"I've done all I can do. I'm really sorry, but if you took it to anyone, they'd wouldn't put new strings on it. It should be taken out for junk. You've got a nice bench, though. If you buy a new piano, you'd have to pay extry for a bench."

Extry, I'm not fucking joking. Why do we trust this man?

He broke three strings, which put two notes out of whack, and made worse the keys he was trying to make better. I am so fucking angry. How dare he come to my house and molest my piano and say she's junk? How dare you?

I went into TD's room and cried. He thought it was all his fault and Mom was saying "He did the best he could." The bast that man could have done was say "No, I won't try tuning it." He told Mom and TD that a few strings might break, and they told him to go ahead. Where the hell was I? They said go a-fucking-head. He should have said NO I WON'T.

If no one else would replace the strings, why is it less dangerous to tune them and WHY THE HELL WON'T YOU REPLACE THE STRINGS YOU BROKE?

I'm getting a second opinion.

Mildred is not junk. She is gorgeous. They just don't make uprights out of mahogany, not carved the way she is, anymore. I don't care if she is a hundred years old, you can't not replace the strings. There's nothing wrong with the harp, it's made out of fucking metal.

You'll rue the day.

In other news, I can't get a hold of my roommates, my ears are finally peeling, and Mallory called.

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