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soooo the DC citypaper has run some veddy interesting features lately.
this lady, Manon Cleary, interested me...

hmmm she has a pretty name. i wonder if she is a nice person?
people like her make getting old look rather attractive to me, although it's too bad she is ill. of course, there will always be people who make fun of you when you're not 20 enny more, but like the skin horse said to the velveteen rabbit, they don't matter. plus, they're stupid, so who cares what they think?
i guess she is rather an important or at least well-known artist. some of her art is here and here

also, by chance in a ny post someone left on the train i read that the Whitney was having a show of the late artist ana mendieta

curiously, the whitney doesn't mention anything about her death at all. she fell out of a 34th-story window. she was afraid of heights. they say her husband, the minimalist sculptor, pushed her out because she was getting a divorce. i had forgotten about that case. i first read about it on my first trip to nyc ever, in what was probably the first village voice i ever perused, a big article, in 1986, 1987?</i> i thought, ah huh, that is the type of crazy artist thing that happens in new york. the sad part is stuff like that actually goes on everywhere. the weird part is that the museum says nothing about it, doesn't even really mention that she died. fear of liability suits, you know.

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