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Well i am new here i guess so i thought i'd say hi. also i have a question,i am fifteen but i hang out with all older kids such as 18,19,20... ect. in fact the girl who is pretty much the best friend i have had is 18, i love having them all as friends and when we are hanging out talking and crap no one would ever guess that i am only fifteen. in fact some ppl have not believed me when i told them i was. but the major problem is my whole life i have always liked mostly guys that are older than me. so since i now i am hanging out with more older kids than ever before there are more older guys. and it kind of sucks because they all think of me as a lil sister, in fact one of them (adam) was hanging out with us and he flat out told this one guy who had been asking about me that i was underage to try and scare him off. i was so mad but he told me he only did it becuz he cared and he didnt want anything bad to happen to me.(i know its not cuz he likes me due to teh fact hes gay) so yeah and now i like this one guy nick but he likes one of my closest friends. i can tell since teh first time we hung out he didnt know i was underage that i had a chance with him but immediatly when he found out i was underage he tookover in big brother mode and now i hate to see him always drooling over my "legal" friend. they all think its hilarious to call me jailbait and such things but well i'd liek to find a bf and its kinda of dufficult i this situation. any advice on any of this would be totally welcome. thankz a bunck!

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