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My name is Virginia and I just joined. I love to write poetry. Although I might not be that good. I would love to have new opinions on my stuff. Here is one of my favourtie poems that I have written. Critiquing most appreciated.

Suicidal Ward

she sits in the corner
of her suicidal ward
rats scurry across the floor
the ground is damp
she's searching for a blade,
shard of glass,
she finds it and
she slices away
cutting deeper
over and over
they shouldn't have put her here
the loneleness eats away at her life
hating, depressing, alone
Death to Suicide

I have a poetry portfolio at PostPoems the link is:

lost river
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I Care

I have an aim in life. I want to change the world. I know that sounds trite, and cliche, and you've heard it before. But I really do. I want to make this Earth a less lonely place to live.

I want people to care for each other. Really, truly care for each other. See their goodness, their humanity, their innocence, and feel each others pain. Because nobody should be alone, and nobody should suffer in isolation. We will always have sorrows, just as we have joys, we will always hurt, just as we feel pleasure. It is the human condition. But we were not made to be alone. We are beautiful, amazing, complex, social creatures with an immense capacity for love. Imagine how our wings would grow if we could nurture that in each other.

There are 6 billion souls gliding about this Earth. There's no excuse why anybody should be alone, ever. It is such a priveledge to extend the hand of friendship to someone who is in need.

Why should anybody go hungry? United, we have everything we need to feed the world- physically and spiritually. Why should anybody be denied healing? We are all equally as precious... regardless of where we live and how much money we have... why should millions of African children loose their parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters to AIDS, when pharmaceutical companies possess life prolonging medications? Why should any child grow up devoid of love, when there are so many who would provide it to them? Most importantly, I'm talking about the situations we see, every day, and turn our back on. Innocents in need of help, where it wouldnt cost us anything but concern, not money, not effort- just concern.

This is what I'm talking about. See this little girl? See how tiny she is, how defenceless? How trusting? How beautiful and soft she is?

How is it that for over a decade, she was violated and terrorised in the home of her own grandparents? Somebody changed this little girl's sheets, washed her underpants. Soaked them to remove the stains. Several people heard her plead and cry. They saw her wince in pain when she tried to play like a normal child. They saw the visitors to the home, the purchase of photography equipment. This girl wet her bed, several times a night, every night. She was taken to many doctors, with repeated infections. She went to school. To dance classes. She played at friends houses. She was liked by many teachers. This child tried to ask for help. When her attempts fell on closed ears, she prayed for deliverance from her living nightmare.

All it would have taken for her suffering to end, was an anonymous phone call to child protective services. One telephone call. 40 cents, and 2 minutes. One act of love, of concern, was all she needed from all of the adults and professionals around her. This phone call would have been enough to protect her from her current torment, and from the lifetime of pain and self hate she was destined for. A phone call would have said "I believe you. I care. You do not deserve this. You deserve to be safe, to be loved and nurtured. None of this was your fault. You are still innocent".

God does not have a telephone. He could not keep her safe. Maybe He even cried along with her. But each and every one of those human beings did.

A phone call would have done so much more than rescue that little girl from her ordeal. A phone call would have made a difference for the rest of her life; and perhaps, she could have experienced what remained of her childhood knowing that she was not dirty, bad, or worthless. It would have given her hope.

Why? Why didnt anybody make that call for her? WHY?

I want a world where everybody makes that call. Where we connect with others, regardless of how remote their lives may seem from ours. It doesnt matter if they are young, old, big, little, technicoloured, male, female, both, or neither. It doesnt matter who they are, what country they live in, whether their skin is a different colour from ours, or whether they worship a different God. Outwardly, we are different. But peel back just one layer of skin, and we all look the same. We have the same feelings, the same fears and doubts. The same human frailties. And we need each other. Boy do we need each other.

The world does not have to be the way it is. This is not as good as it gets. We can do better. We can love each other. We can care. We can build a world where the empowered help the powerless, the found guide the lost, and the loved love the unloved. Just imagine what the world could be like, all that we could achieve, if we all viewed each other as fellow human beings, rather than strangers?

Is this too much to hope for? Am I too idealistic? Just wait and see- I'm going to try. This much I promise you.
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Naturnal Disaster. (x-ly post)

When we interrupt this program
When the errbrakes scream and the sirens puke
And you shut your door on bewildered pests
And watch the news all day
In a room attached I click it away
A water beetle am I, a fly
In amber airwaves of gelatin-grain
Suspensed in unreality,
A character off children's TV
Trusting the end of each half hour.
Daily we eat routine
It breaks our teeth and wears us down
Like ducks full of buckshot
Like peach pits we suck in vain
seeking useless laetrile within.
But today is uncalendared Saturday,
The news our cartoon
Drones, drawls through endless afternoon
No work, or days spent plotting on maps
And living like this day is our blast.
I'm Mighty Isis! I'm Dynagirl!
And this is the way we live through war,
This is the day I love it go,
This is the day I love you more.
Demented Dollified

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Hi Everyone,
im new here and i joined because i want to run away too and escape from the everyday bitterness..im a 20 year old East indian & black mixed female living in Singapore..i basically write poetry and paint and i love all kinds of metal, my fav band is nightwish..Hope i can make some new friends here


Hiyee I'm new..

My name's Kat..and I was looking for some communities to join..and like this one... "girls who want to run away to the moon"..You don't know how much I want to escape my grim reality and go to the moon or where ever I possibly can :3... I'm generally a happee random person..And like everyone I have my share of problems..I guess if you want to find out more about me, check out my profile/journal.. but just recently I took it off friends-only..So most of my posts are in the friends-only pile..x.x.... >.<..

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this poem is called "childhood lost" i am not really sure what to say but feel free to comment on it i like to have other ppls opinions. it took alot for me to realize some of teh stuff mentioned in this poem...
the vision i had is now shattered
ppl coming into the light
childhood relations battered
lost in the cold cold night
not the person i thought to be
pll come and go
dont want to face reality
seeing things i didnt want to kno
innocence is lost
my eyes uncovered
the line has been crossed
a new truth discovered
numbness is here
but then steals away
newfound fear
dont want to face another day
hopes tucked inside
alone and unfurled
just along for the ride
in a big scary world
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Well i am new here i guess so i thought i'd say hi. also i have a question,i am fifteen but i hang out with all older kids such as 18,19,20... ect. in fact the girl who is pretty much the best friend i have had is 18, i love having them all as friends and when we are hanging out talking and crap no one would ever guess that i am only fifteen. in fact some ppl have not believed me when i told them i was. but the major problem is my whole life i have always liked mostly guys that are older than me. so since i now i am hanging out with more older kids than ever before there are more older guys. and it kind of sucks because they all think of me as a lil sister, in fact one of them (adam) was hanging out with us and he flat out told this one guy who had been asking about me that i was underage to try and scare him off. i was so mad but he told me he only did it becuz he cared and he didnt want anything bad to happen to me.(i know its not cuz he likes me due to teh fact hes gay) so yeah and now i like this one guy nick but he likes one of my closest friends. i can tell since teh first time we hung out he didnt know i was underage that i had a chance with him but immediatly when he found out i was underage he tookover in big brother mode and now i hate to see him always drooling over my "legal" friend. they all think its hilarious to call me jailbait and such things but well i'd liek to find a bf and its kinda of dufficult i this situation. any advice on any of this would be totally welcome. thankz a bunck!
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This is me...

hi im new to this community and to the whole journal thing... Im a 22 years old female from ecuador living in Miami-USA...well i dont really have any female friends, so maybe i will find some in here.

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soooo the DC citypaper has run some veddy interesting features lately.
this lady, Manon Cleary, interested me...

hmmm she has a pretty name. i wonder if she is a nice person?
people like her make getting old look rather attractive to me, although it's too bad she is ill. of course, there will always be people who make fun of you when you're not 20 enny more, but like the skin horse said to the velveteen rabbit, they don't matter. plus, they're stupid, so who cares what they think?
i guess she is rather an important or at least well-known artist. some of her art is here and here

also, by chance in a ny post someone left on the train i read that the Whitney was having a show of the late artist ana mendieta

curiously, the whitney doesn't mention anything about her death at all. she fell out of a 34th-story window. she was afraid of heights. they say her husband, the minimalist sculptor, pushed her out because she was getting a divorce. i had forgotten about that case. i first read about it on my first trip to nyc ever, in what was probably the first village voice i ever perused, a big article, in 1986, 1987?</i> i thought, ah huh, that is the type of crazy artist thing that happens in new york. the sad part is stuff like that actually goes on everywhere. the weird part is that the museum says nothing about it, doesn't even really mention that she died. fear of liability suits, you know.
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